Get Real and Crackling Fire Easily with Sunjel Gel Fuel Replacements

There are two major things that homeowners want in a fireplace – real fire that brings warmth and crackling sounds that bring about relaxation. Both of these can be obtained in a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Nonetheless, you will have to work hard in order for you to reap such benefits. By simply making a switch to the Sunjel gel fuel replacements, you can get real and crackling fire very easily.

Real fire can easily be delivered by the Sunjel gel fuels because they are manufactured from highly combustible isopropyl alcohol base. Being made from this clean burning alcohol which was turned into gel form, you can be sure that the real flames that you will get to see are safe and non-toxic. No fumes, smoke or headache-inducing smells can be experienced with their use. What you’ll see are bright yellow flames that can look beautiful and elegant with every use.

These special gel fuels are contained in fireproof canisters. Each canister can burn evenly and consistently to last up to 2-3 hours. Lighting them up is best done with the aid of a long-snouted lighter. The heat generated by each canister can reach up to 3000BTUs. This may be enough to provide warmth to a small room. If you require a more intense heat, be aware that you can also use multiple canisters at the same time. The maximum number that you can safely utilize altogether is three canisters which can give off as much as 9000 BTUs in all.

Unlike ventless electric fireplaces which can serve as an option to the traditional units, these Sunjel gel fuel replacements have special abilities to produce natural fire crackling sounds. This is possible with the incorporation of true sea salt to the gel fuel mixture so that you have a very enhance wood-burning crackle sound effect. If you close your eyes and tune in to the sound coming from these units, you will be pleased by the distinct popping sounds that they emit. These sounds can be very comforting and can elevate your fireplace experience to a pleasurable degree.

Opting for the Sunjel gel fuel replacements requires no special installation procedures. When purchased, you get to acquire the whole unit and its assembly can be done very quickly. You can slip it inside your old wood-burning fireplace and get to have a whole new level of fireplace experience. Now, you’ll have fireplace that is completely filled with real fire and crackling sounds but without the messy ashes, soot and firewood to deal with every time.